Allen Harris Art & Design
Allen Harris Art & Design
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Allen harris

I’ve been working as an artist and designer since 1996 or so, doing identity and book design for a game company in Atlanta (called Imagine Role Playing; think D&D but a lot less successful), then moved to Los Angeles in 1997 and worked in entertainment design with Peter Green Design in Burbank (clients included Fox Kids and Disney), doing magazine production, poster design, and pretty much everything production-related while apprenticing with the master designers there. Since then I’ve worked with just about every kind of print design there is.

I’ve also been designing for web sites since 1996, with a recent concentration on visual design for UX/UI, web applications, and responsive sites.

Aside from general graphic and web design, I have also created illustration work for various projects, including the IMAGINE role playing game, HALO-related artwork for Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play Charity events, and designing identity and game-world-building assets for Aethercast.